Health with Herbs

Herbal Wellness Coaching

Transformation of your experience of life truly is possible. But it requires changes in entrenched habits and a new perspective. This takes time and external accountability.

Transformation takes work and dedication, and is so much more achievable (and enjoyable) with a guide and friend on the journey with you.

I create transformation for my clients using a combination of:

  • wise and intentional use of herbal medicine
  • lifestyle upgrading
  • nature connection practices
  • guided meditations

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Health Coaching

6 Week Package - 3 Consultations

Unlock the power of ancient herbal wisdom & transform your health.

You are a unique individual with your own inherent strengths and weaknesses. With a range of ancient and modern diagnostic tools, I can shed light not only what symptoms you have, but why you have them.

In your series of 3 consultations, you will understand the driving factors of your health concern, how to manage them, and how to support your body to come back to your own unique state of balance.

What you get:

  • 3 consultations over a 6 week period.
  • Personalised treatment strategy that is designed to bring you back to your unique state of balance.
  • Freedom to attend consultations face-to-face in Brunswick, Melbourne, or online anywhere in the world.



(incl GST)

Payment plans available

Health Coaching

13 Week Package - 9 Consultations

Really make traction towards the life and the inner world that you desire, with a 3 month Herbal Wellness Coaching programs.

If you are serious about healing and want to actually make it happen then this package will make sure it happens! This package is perfect for people struggling to turn around mental health issues, sleep problems, chronic stress and mid-life crises that combine physical and psychological challenges.

In these 13 weeks we will unpack your unique constitution and circumstances, identify the key lifestyle changes for you specifically, and work towards them systematically.

What you get:

  • 3 sessions per month – a mix of 60 minute deep dive sessions and 30 minute accountability sessions.
  • Personalised treatment strategy that is designed to bring you back to your unique state of balance.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp voice/text coaching (free app).
  • Weekly check-in and reflection via WhatsApp.
  • Freedom to attend consultations face-to-face in Uki, North New South Wales, or online anywhere in the world.



(incl GST)

Payment plans available

Single Session Consultations

If you've experienced previous sessions with me, I'm delighted to extend an invitation for you to schedule individual follow-up consultations as you feel necessary. Your ongoing journey is important, and I'm here to support you whenever you need.

Healing comes from a deep listening, a kind of listening that reconnects us with our bodies, the depths of our heart’s wild longings, and our ever-present entanglement with the living world. I bring this kind of listening to my consultations, and I support you to remember how to listen with your bones to your own body and the plants around you.

The medicine is not the complex mixture in a brown bottle that I concoct for you. The medicine is in the rekindled relationship with plants and the living world, in a new depth of presence that you bring to yourself and your life.

I used to offer single consultations, but the truth is that a single session isn’t enough to peel back the layers, create shifts in fundamental patterns, or to truly discover which herbs will support a unique person with their challenges.

Now I offer consultations in a pack of three, over a 6 week period. Just long enough to support new skills, new habits and new perspectives to take root in your inner garden.

Didn’t like your first session? That’s fine! 100% money back guarantee after our first session.

Strong synergy between a herbal healer and the client is vital for the kind of transformational processes that I’m interested in, and I know you are too. Sometimes we just don’t ‘click’ and that’s fine. No hard feelings! Time is precious, so let’s part ways lovingly and invest our time in something that feels right.


Who is this for?
If you struggle with feeling good in your body and your mind, with low or anxious moods, fatigue, recurring illness or chronic pain; If you heart longs for deeper connection to something wild and sacred; If you enjoy taking the time to find the right changes and subtle shifts that will have long-lasting, transformative effects; If you are ready to commit to a process of change and truly show up to do the work with me; Then this is for you.
What kinds of issues can you help with?
I love working with mental health/ mood issues, sleep and stress. I’m also skilled in chronic pain, and believe everyone has the capacity to live pain free. I’m also passionate about psychedelic integration - helping you to embed your shifts and changes into your body and heart. My psychedelic integration work focuses on supporting you to find gentle herbal medicines to be your allies to support your mood, mind and body as you live in a new way, and encouraging the deeper sense of sacred relationship with the living world that is often awakened by psychedelic journeys.
Where are the sessions located?
I currently offer sessions online via zoom. To support a therapeutic space to arise in an online setting, I use guided meditation during the opening and closing of each session. I have extremely limited opportunities to do in person consultations in my home in Melbourne, but they do arise from time to time.
What happens in my first session?
Our first session is 90 minutes, and in this session we establish our goals for working together, and the plan for supporting healing. We explore your constitution and elemental tendencies, and together create an ecological map of your personal life stressors and situation, that will show us where we need to focus our attention. You will get homework! And the quality of the results you get is dependent on committing to the process and the work. I’ll provide you with a Healing Reflections workbook, and you will to do a daily reflection and meditation process.
What happens in our second and third sessions?
The next two sessions consist of exploring what you have discovered in your daily reflections, and getting to know a handful of plant medicines that I believe will be deeply supportive for your underlying patterns of dysfunction. Together our goal is to empower you with greater insight into how your daily habits and food choices affect your state of health and wellbeing, and introduce you to at least one powerful herbal ally that matches your struggles closely. So equipped, you will be able to move forward and continue with the healing you need.
Will I need more sessions?
Maybe. It depends on your preferences, your commitment to doing the work, and how complex your challenges are.
Can I contact you outside of our sessions?
During the 6 weeks we are working together, you can contact me anytime via whatsapp, and I will respond within 24 hours, except on Sundays.
What if I don’t like the approach?
I offer a 100% money back guarantee after the first session. If it isn’t for you, then I totally respect that. Let’s invest each of our time and resources somewhere else where they can truly be of service.
I’m a student of herbal medicine, can you mentor me?
I would love to! If you want support to deepen your relationship with the plant world, and learn to listen and know plants beyond their chemical constituents and what illness they are ‘good for’, then I’m the right teacher for you. Sign up for a coaching plan, and we can take it from there.
    "I was struck by Stephanie’s attentive presence and curiosity about who I am as a whole person and how this connects to the story of my health. There was a noticeable shift in my energy and mood after a single session."
    University Lecturer
    “For the first winter in 6 years, I didn’t have a sinus infection! Stephanie was attentive and meticulous in our session and quickly identified what I later realised is one of the core issues in my pattern of illness.”
    Health Food Shop Manager