Plant Allies

Dive into direct relationships with medicine plants and fungi through 4 weeks of guided plant connection.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

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Learn to Listen to the plants & learn about medicine directly from the plants who hold it. 

Identify specific plant friends that really work to support your joy, energy and mood.

Throughout history, plant people and healers have developed direct relationships with plants through developing the art of subtle listening. When we listen to the plants, and not just other human’s opinions of herbal medicine, we can know herbs as living beings with their own essence and personality. It’s when we develop this kind of attentive relationship with the plants that their potential for healing and transformation is truly unlocked. Especially when it comes to mental health and psychological healing, identifying and connecting with our plant allies is key to unlocking a thriving inner world.

This course teaches Embodied Plant Listening - inspired by Amazonian Dieta traditions, and Stephen Harrod Buhner's heart perception work. You will receive numbered bottles of herbal tinctures, and each week the whole group will take the herb of the week three times daily, at a low dose, and engage in a daily reflection process. When we come back together for the live class, the group will share their observations of the impact of that plant on their week, before discovering what that plant is called.

This mini placebo-controlled clinical trial of each herb enables you to really tune in to your experience without your mind and what you already know about that herb getting in the way of your listening. Engaging with the herbs in this body-heart centred way with a small group of others to explore with, makes this course entirely unique!

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to listen to plants, and identify what they are teaching you.
  • Gain a whole new depth of insight into how to use each herb we cover
  • Learn how to prescribe individual herbs with clarity and specificity
  • Experience how different plant medicines work differently for different people, and recognise the importance of using the right plants for your unique self and your unique clients.
  • Develop your direct, embodied experience of the plants we study to give depth to the extensive lesson material.
  • Gain confidence in listening to your own body/mind and identifying what plants, supplements and diets truly work for you.
  • Work with a small group of dedicated plant lovers, sharing your insights and experiences, and learning from each other.
  • Identify at least one herbal medicine that will unlock a new level of joyful, calm thriving in your daily life.
  • Learn about each herb from many facets: direct experience, history and mythology, botany, traditional use, energetic qualities and scientific research.

    "I think the most important thing that I learned from this course is that herbs can be a reliable, consistent and powerful way to support my mental and emotional health. I've tried antidepressants before and have felt the intrusive yet supportive way that they bolster my consciousness. The herbs that I had an affinity for were both more subtle and more profound, leading me to states of well being that I wouldn't have imagined possible. The other important thing that I learned from this course is that I can cultivate a direct relationship with certain plants and in addition to the benefits that they can give me, the relationship itself makes me feel more whole and connected to my world. The way it has changed me is that I feel like there are supports there for me that are not only accessible but beneficial for my overall health in addition to supporting my mood and mental well being. It feels so great to be supported by nature!"
    "I loved learning from someone who just loved herbs! Your passion is amazing. You helped me go back to the way our ancestors did things and see single plants work in real time. I was tentative about it being online, but the group experience being held in such a safe and participatory way really made this work. My own reflective practice and then hearing the group’s experience while not knowing what the herb actually is was so powerful. As time went on I was able to listen better, and work out what the plant was telling me. I can now continue to do this practice with other herbs in my life, and keep learning in this powerful way. This course really developed my confidence in herbs actually working. I now know that even if I only had 10 plants to work with, I could make them work for almost anything."
    student of Western Herbal Medicine (Bachelor of Health Science)
    "This herbal allies course format of 'blind trialing' each herb is genius. It allowed space to truly listen and experience each herb's character and properties within the unique environment of my body. Having this strong journey with each herb strengthened my ability to learn and retain a deeper knowledge of the herb. The additional layer of sharing this journey within a group truly highlighted the concept that herbs work differently for each of us. Finding my herbal allies has been truly life altering and nourishing experience."
    Graphic Design & Herbal Hobbyist