Sacred Herbalism for Naturopaths

This weekend workshop creates space for deepening relationships with the plants you use in your practice and your life.

2 Day Workshop


You work with plants every day…

You hold so much knowledge about how to support people with their health challenges, but in your heart of hearts there is a whisper that something more subtle and beautiful is waiting for you. Ancient systems of healing always had space for the sacred, and many herbalists and healers were also the priests, witches, shamans and holy people of their communities.

This weekend workshop explores the role of sacred relationship to the plant world in the work of a healer, and provides a structured process for starting this relationship. By the end of the weekend, you will have had early experiences of what it means to listen to the plants, and will have designed your own sacred herbalism journey tailored to your lifestyle and personality.

About the Instructor

All classes in this course in this taught live by Stephanie Hazel

Stephanie Hazel is a qualified Western Herbal Medicine practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in Anthropology and Human Culture, and has been working with plant medicines for 18 years. She also worked for 10 years part-time (alongside herbal medicine) mentoring non-profit and public health organisations to implement a holistic health framework in community health projects.