Hi there, I’m Stephanie,

herbalist, teacher and a deep lover of this wild earth.

Qualifications | Adv. Dip Western Herbal Medicine | Bachelor of Anthropology | ATMS accreditation number #51507

I’ve been cultivating a relationship with the plant world since I was 21, when I lived for a time, with a Peruvian curandera and plant woman. She taught me to listen to the plants, and pay attention to the real world of soil and sunlight.

And what do the plants have to say?

They tell a story of our belonging to a wild earth, of feeling alive and vital from our fingertips to our toes, of being in a profound relationship with the humming tapestry of life.

Healing is returning to this aliveness and joy that the plants know so well, and I wish this for you. Plants are great teachers for us, they remind us how to be in Right Relationship with the living world. Medicine is the art of reawakening to life.

Since those early days of living on the land and brewing herbs over an open fire, my career in health and medicine has been diverse! I’ve been involved in herbal product development, clinical herbalism practice and public health consultancy.

I have designed 12-month herbal training programs for staff of herbal retail chains and spent 6 years as a Co-Director of One Health Organisation, where I mentored more than a dozen grassroots community health projects in organisational development and complex program design. I’ve offered plant connection workshops at healing retreats, designed herbal elixir ranges for beverage companies and taught everything from Postpartum herbalism to Sacred Plant Connection.

Integrating my love of Ancient & Sacred Herbalism with the lessons I’ve learned through Health Science and Systems Thinking hasn’t been easy, and in fact, reflects the deep cultural challenge many of us face. Modern Western culture has brought us incredible gifts of cleverness and scientific discoveries, but along the way that very materialistic lens of viewing the world has cut us off from a vital part of the human soul: our entanglement with an enchanted living world of plants, animals, fungi and the very wind in the trees. I know you have a wild, enchanted heart too, and that you long for intimacy with life itself.

I’d love you to join your heart to mine! Check out my courses page to see how I’m collaborating with the plants to help small groups of herbalists, naturopaths and other plant folk to reawaken their innate ability to listen to the plants and pay attention to the subtle shifts and changes of their own bodies.

In my clinical work, I offer long-form health coaching to really get to the root of your problems, and work together to transform the habits and circumstances that are in the way of full-bodied aliveness and joy.