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Reawakening sacred relationships with plants, our own bodies and the living world.

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Find Your Plant Allies

Dive into direct relationships with medicine plants and fungi through 6 weeks of guided plant ‘dietas’.
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The Wild Edge of Herbalism

Dive into direct relationships with plants with a four month immersion into plant listening and sacred herbalism.
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Healing comes from a deep listening, a kind of listening that reconnects us with our bodies, the depths of our heart’s wild longings, and our ever-present entanglement with the living world.

Herbalist, teacher and deep lover of this wild earth.

Medicine is the art of coming back into relationship with ourselves and the living world around us. It is a continual process of remembering that we are deeply interwoven with this complex living organism called Earth, and collaborating with the plants with every breath we take.

All of my work, whether long-form online courses, transformational retreats or personal 1 on 1 consultations, aims to above all else facilitate our vibrant personal and collective relationships to this sacred life. I create spaces where my students & clients can connect with the plants directly, and learn to listen to their own innate wisdom.

Stephanie Hazel is a qualified Western Herbal Medicine practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a degree in Anthropology and Human Culture, and has been working with plant medicines for 18 years. She also worked for 10 years part-time (alongside herbal medicine) mentoring non-profit and public health organisations to implement a holistic health framework in community health projects.

"It is my prayer that I see in my lifetime a resurgence of traditional plant and earth wisdom, that humans learn to anchor into their profound relationship with the living world, and work with the plants to restore balance to the ecosystems and cultural systems we are part of."

Health with Herbs

Health Coaching - Package of 3 consultations
Unlock the power of ancient herbal wisdom & transform your health.

You are a unique individual with your own inherent strengths and weaknesses. With a range of ancient and modern diagnostic tools, I can shed light not only what symptoms you have, but also why you have them.

In your series of 3 consultations, you will understand the driving factors of your health concern, how to manage them, and how to support your body to come back to your own unique state of balance. You will meet specific plants that will support you to thrive: body, mind and soul.

Free Teachings

Herbs for Stress and Anxiety
(45 minute class)
"When you choose the right herb uniquely suited to you, that is deeply aligned with your personal experience of stress and anxiety, you can have powerful results. This short class walks you through what happens in the body and brain during stress, and helps you identify which herbal medicines will best support your journey in relieving stress and anxiety so you can live calmly and joyfully."

“I was struck by Stephanie’s attentive presence and curiosity about who I am as a whole person and how this connects to the story of my health. There was a noticeable shift in my energy and mood after a single session.”

– Dr BETH HILL, University Lecturer

Latest Episode

“For the first winter in 6 years, I didn’t have a sinus infection! Stephanie was attentive and meticulous in our session and quickly identified what I later realised is one of the core issues in my pattern of illness.”

– MARIA BURKE health food shop manager